Friday, September 28, 2012


Which theory of happiness in your opinion is most helpful to the world and which the least? Explain your answers.

Well, this just may be a tough one to decide on. The world can work with either Hedonism, Epicureanism, and Stoicism or all of them. There is just no way of knowing. But, obviously since this is a response for my own opinion I would have to go with Stoicism. Then again, I believe that is because I am a stoic. I believe that there is happiness in the world, but there is also pain. There is no way that people can live a happy life without pain. (There probably is but that's not what this is about, right?) I believe that even if there is pain we can cope through it by ourselves or together as a community. For instance, there have been certain situations in the world where devastating things have happened and there really is nothing we (the world) could have done about it. (i.e. Natural Disasters). In those situations I believe the stoic method is most the only way to believe in happiness. That through sadness we can cope with what happened, band together as one and become happy coping with the pain. I know that's not a really good example since these methods are mostly for physical pleasure and pain, but it can go the same way physically. I also do believe that there are some instances where too much pleasure can become painful. And that there are other instances where too much pain can become pleasurable. For those who love pain so much that it can be pleasurable for them, I personally, think that it's a tad weird. But hey whatever floats your boat, right? Enough rambling. To sum it all up, whether it's physical or other types of pain there can be pleasure too. We just have to cope through the stages of pain/life to get us to the happiness that waits on the other side.

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