Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baroque Blog Post

So, I decided to talk about option two where the question was, Is our society more Baroque or more Renaissance? Be specific in your answer. Justify it using the way we talked about both Baroque and Renaissance in class and using specific examples from contemporary society.

As I thought about our discussions in class about both time periods, I hate that I have to choose one. I'll explain how I think the world is both (if you want me to choose one, let me know and I'll work on it instantly). So, I think the world is both a Baroque style and a Renaissance style because that's just how the world is. It may have been one or the other at some point in history, but it's the fact that we have now gone through both of them that the world itself has taken something from both time periods and created what we have today. There are some parts of the world where Renaissance comes out and some parts where Baroque comes out. As we discussed in class Renaissance is all about perfection, naturalism, simplistic and a few others. That is where certain things like the forest, clothing styles, and forms of art are. They all represent naturalism, simplicity, and perfection. Forests can't be more natural unless they are fake. And Baroque is more about being in upfront and in your face. And as I'm typing this, I thought about our discussion in class and I think I made a connection (I could be wrong). But our discussion about choosing between beauty or truth just got me thinking that Beauty is compatible with the Renaissance. Because Renaissance was about being poised, symbolic, ordered, and perfection that is what Beauty is about. Being symbolic and perfect can be very pleasing to the eye. Where the Truth is compatible with Baroque because it is in your face and more realistic. It's what one of the students said today (I forgot his name, Oops) there is the Beautiful Lie or the Ugly Truth. Baroque could be more like ugly truth, it's there and it won't go away because it is what it is. The Renaissance is more like the beautiful lie. It's only there to please the eye or ear and it doesn't have to be the truth, it just has to be beautiful. That's what I think the world is. I think it is both Baroque and Renaissance in many different aspects of life/ the world.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Renaissance Post

For this Renaissance post I chose to write about Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Out of all the

paintings to choose from what I really connected with this painting. So as part of this post I guess I will

answer the required questions. As we discussed in class the way the painting is looks like the table is

elongated (since it really is across a big wall) but the background looks like the room is longer so the table

should be that way too since it would seem logical. But the table and the windows also create a positioning

or vanishing point so your eyes are automatically drawn to the middle of the painting right to Christ. I would

have to say that the colors, lines, and forms are there because it would just be a plain bare wall of nothing if

all three of those weren’t there. They create the painting, that’s what every painting creates. Lines, forms,

and colors and paintings coincide with each other to create art. Da Vinci create depth with along the walls

and the back windows to create the illusion that the room they were in must have been really huge if it looks

that long with that wide of a table. In one way the painting is a product of its own time is what we talked

about during class. The people in the painting are poised and have so much order to it that it fits perfectly. It

represents perfection and idealism of renaissance art all while being so symbolic of the Church and what they

thought of as the last supper with Jesus. But what I love most about it is the fact that it’s so simplistic with

just the men, a giant room, and a table that that’s all it needs. Some of the Baroque versions of this painting I

thought were too much, they may have seemed more candid but also a bit more complicated. Da Vinci’s

version is just so simplistic that it represents Renaissance so great. But while talking about this painting you

cannot not see the blending of math and science with art. All of the lines and forms create something

mathematical whether it be a triangle, the vanishing point to the middle of the painting or the position of each

person creates enough balance to show that while they are having the last supper Christ is in the middle and

always will be.